Glass blowing Classes

Experience the thrill of glassblowing with your friends, family, and colleagues during your 1 hour personalized class.


Glassblown ornaments by you

We will walk you step by step through the process of making an ornament of your very own.  From applying color to the glass, heating your ornament and inflating it with air, you will experience first hand the thrill of making hand blown glass art.

$45 per person


Glassblown Paperweight Class

In this class you will have a chance to create your own special paperweight.  You will pick your colors and using special tools, you will create your own design on the inside of the paperweight.  The sky is the limit!

$55 per person


Create Your Own Drinking Glass

During this class you will blow your own drinking glass.  Pick your own combination of colors and away you go. We will work closely with you as you shape and even try opening the glass with special glass blowing tools.  This is a very fun class that gives you memories each time you drink from your creation.

$60 per person


Make Your Own Glass Pumpkin

Making a glass pumpkin is always in season at the Gather Glass Blowing Studio! First you will choose from a wide variety of color options for your pumpkin. You will then be guided through the various steps of creating your pumpkin which include rolling molten glass in your color, inflating the pumpkin with air, using forms to give your pumpkin shape and definition, and finally helping to create your own unique pumpkin stem.

$65 per person


Make a Wavy Bowl

Making a wavy bowl is a fun experience! We start by having you choose the colors for your bowl. Then you will apply the color to the molten glass, use tools to shape the glass and inflate it with air. After we work with you to open the glass, you get to heat and spin the bowl into its final unique shape!

$85 per person




Let the precious memory of your loved one come to life in a swirl of bright colors in a material that lasts forever. Our experienced glass artists and teachers have a passion for creating custom glass memorials for the dearly departed. This is a unique, visual alternative to the classic urn, and only requires a spoonful of ashes, so no major commitments!

$200 per person


Unique & Unforgettable Memories Await

We require 7 days advance notice for rescheduling a class.

If we cancel a class, students will be notified and offered another class or a full refund.

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