Gather Glass Blowing Studio is committed to being a meaningful community partner.  

We are focused on supporting issues surrounding homelessness, hunger, health, the environment and peace.  Gather gives 10% of each drinking glass purchase to organizations that are making positive change in the world in these areas.

Gather also creates one of a kind customized glass work for community organizations and businesses.  We hand blow drinking glasses and embed them with an organizations desired branded colors.  Then we hand etch (cold work) a special design or company logo onto each one.  This is a great way for non-profit organizations to fundraise.



WaterFire in the Community

WaterFire Providence has inspired millions of people since it first began in 1994. WaterFire has been fostering community engagement and creatively transforming Providence ever since. WaterFire shows people first hand how powerful and important public art really is.

WaterFire taps into all ones senses providing a truly unique experience that weaves and blends the city into a fascinating artscape. Gather Glass Blowing Studio is extremely honored to have been working alongside WaterFire for the better part of the last decade.  

During each WaterFire lighting we engage with the visitors by demonstrating different glass blowing styles.  Whether it be with our mobile flame working unit or mobile furnace, our goal is create a live glass art performance that inspires others to think about what is possible in life.  


There is magic in the air at a WaterFire and to be part of it and add to that magic of the evening is truly rewarding for us.  It has allowed us to connect with the community in a meaningful way.  

The most important thing for Gather is to connect with community, so we thank WaterFire for allowing us to be part of this powerful event. We invite those who have never experienced a WaterFire to please come visit for a lighting.  Bring a blank canvas in your mind and be open to the creative inspiration it may bring you.  If you have been to WaterFire before, we know you will be back, and look forward to seeing you again!