Our intention at Gather is to connect with community through art.

Gather offers glass blowing lessons at our studio/gallery located at 521 Atwells Avenue in Providence. We also have a mobile glass blowing unit for demonstrations at public and private events. The teachers at Gather are master glassblowers with a love and passion for glass. Our hope is to create an experience that inspires others.


Our Lead Glassblower

Benjamin Giguere (b. 1978) fortuitously took a temporary job in 1997 at a small-town Vermont crystal glass factory called Simon Pearce. This serendipity evolved into a career of eleven years; Benjamin soon became full-time as he was presented with the opportunity to apprentice and learn the craft of glassblowing with master glass workers from around the world. Ben experimented with color in free-form glassblowing in Burlington, Vermont as he developed his craft.

His training with masters from Sweden, the Czech Republic, Ireland and England continues to influence his work today. In 2008, Ben moved to Providence, RI, in pursuit to learn other glassmaking techniques.

This led him to casting and molding glass into objects for Steven Weinberg, one of the American Studio Glass movement's most celebrated artists, an opportunity that came to influence Ben's own work through cutting and polishing.

In 2011, Ben helped create GATHER GLASS in Providence, a new chapter in his fifteen-year career with this combination showcase for his own glass creations while simultaneously providing space for teaching and designing, all the while still as Studio Manager at Weinberg Glass, Warren, RI.